Wall insulation
Wall insulation


Цветовая палитра теплоизоляции Lic CeramicMaterial Lic Ceramic - is a liquid ceramic insulation , which is coated in white, gray or other any color , which after drying forms a flexible thermo- , hydro-and noise-proof coating and provides heat insulation , corrosion , hydrophobic ( water repellency ) and other protection of concrete , metal , concrete , brick , wood, glass , rubber surfaces. Recommended for use as thermal insulation of pipes and ducts to prevent heating , coating the valves and valves, to protect it from the hot and the temperature drops . Processing technological equipment : boilers , heating chambers , boilers , kilns , etc. Apply the paint acts as a " thermal barrier".

Why should I use Lic Ceramic for wall insulation?

Wall warming is a mandatory step, which must be carried out with the integrated insulation of the house, apartment or any building. Whether residential or non-residential. Most of the old-fashioned make the insulation of the walls from the outside with foam and other inefficient, labor-intensive, and even more harmful materials. Such materials harm the wall, as often under them the wall starts to blossom fungus in the literal sense. Also, the foam plastic is very flammable and even with the treatment it has often led to fires. That's why we need to use modern and advanced materials to warm the walls. This material is the liquid thermal insulation Lic Ceramic.

Liquid insulation acts as a heater for walls, regardless of the material of the walls. This is an excellent insulation for brick and frame walls, panel, monolithic and prefabricated structures. It is applied with a thin layer by means of a conventional spray gun, which saves considerable time and money. Thermal insulation properties are three times higher than using a 5 cm thick foam. Absolutely harmless insulation for walls and for people. High adhesion with walls. In the summer, it does not allow the sun's rays to heat the wall, and in winter it's freezing cold. And copes with this task better than conventional insulation for walls. Liceric thermal insulation can also be used indoors. Wall warming from inside is carried out exactly the same as outside. Apply a thin layer. The applied heat insulation can be glued wallpaper, painted and decorated.

The insulation for the walls Lic Ceramic has all the necessary certificates of quality, the conclusion of sanitary services and even confirmed by ISO 9001: 2008. On living examples and calculations it is proved effective when internal insulation of walls and outside is carried out.

How much does it cost to heat an apartment or a house using Lic Ceramic? Can it be compared with other materials?

Especially for the answers to such questions, we made a calculation of the warming of the walls of the house. You can see it and download it on this page.

Our civilization has moved into the era of technology, so trust the progress and use only modern materials, namely liquid thermal insulation, for warming the house, apartment and any building.