Wall insulation from the inside
Wall insulation from the inside


Цветовая палитра теплоизоляции Lic CeramicMaterial Lic Ceramic - is a liquid ceramic insulation , which is coated in white, gray or other any color , which after drying forms a flexible thermo- , hydro-and noise-proof coating and provides heat insulation , corrosion , hydrophobic ( water repellency ) and other protection of concrete , metal , concrete , brick , wood, glass , rubber surfaces. Recommended for use as thermal insulation of pipes and ducts to prevent heating , coating the valves and valves, to protect it from the hot and the temperature drops . Processing technological equipment : boilers , heating chambers , boilers , kilns , etc. Apply the paint acts as a " thermal barrier".

The most effective insulation of walls from the inside is to use the Liceric liquid insulation.

Its effectiveness is proven in the laboratory and in the process of many years of operation by customers. At the same time, it is possible to use LiK Ceramic liquid thermal insulation in residential and commercial premises. Starting from the insulation of walls from inside apartments or residential country houses, agricultural premises (barns, pigsties, barns, stables, coops, etc.) and ending with such objects as factories, warehouses and garages.

A number of advantages of liquid thermal insulation makes it irreplaceable when the walls are insulated from the inside.

Main advantages for internal insulation:

- Thermal insulation Lic Ceramic is completely safe for people, as it does not emit harmful substances;

- thermal insulation properties are three times higher than those of the heaters that are familiar to us;

- the cost of insulation of walls from the inside is 2-3 times lower;

- the warming up of the room is much faster and the cooling of air is much slower, so that you can save considerably on heating the house, apartment and any room;

- Apply liquid heat insulation directly to the walls (after a deep penetration primer) with a thickness of 1-3 mm (depending on the purpose), that is, it does not "steal" the interior space;

Lic Licamic is applied with a conventional roller or brush, which means that you can make the walls warming from the inside with your own hands;

- takes up little volume and is easy to transport in special ten-liter buckets;

- Liquid insulation can be mixed with paint and simply paint the walls in the right color;

- Thermal insulation Lic Ceramic does not lose its thermal insulation properties even after a long time.

We offer a look at how the liquid heat insulation of our production looks on the inner walls of the apartment. (Photos provided by customers).

Photographs of insulated walls from the inside with thermal insulation Face Ceramics Standard in pure form.

Corner apartment 1 floor in Severodonetsk.

Утепление стен изнутри


Photographs of Lic Ceramic Ultra insulation with paint on the walls.

Residential house Kamenets-Podolsky.

Утепление стен изнутри теплоизоляцией с краской