Thermal insulation of pipelines
Thermal insulation of pipelines


Why qualitative thermal insulation of pipelines is important? It does not matter how the pipeline go open or closed type - because of the large extent there is a great loss of heat. To avoid losses and conserve resources use liquid insulation Lic Ceramic for pipes.

Why should you choose thermal insulation Lic Ceramic?

- it has high thermal insulation properties;

- for qualitative thermal insulation a small amount of a material is used;

- you will be able to put it easily even in the most hard-to-reach places;

- it can be used during all seasons of year as liquid thermal insulation Lic Ceramic Thermo is developed for drawing at subzero temperatures;

- on the hostile environment pipe segment you can also apply Lic Ceramic successfully;

- it protects pipes from corrosion;

- ease of drawing – you can apply it with paint sprayer;

- completely safe for people and animals;

- easy to use.

East Energy Efficient Company created a unique material that will help you to make thermal insulation of pipelines and pipes at any time of a year and to protect the pipeline from corrosion and heat losses.

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