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Peculiar properties of the material


Цветовая палитра теплоизоляции Lic CeramicMaterial Lic Ceramic - is a liquid ceramic insulation , which is coated in white, gray or other any color , which after drying forms a flexible thermo- , hydro-and noise-proof coating and provides heat insulation , corrosion , hydrophobic ( water repellency ) and other protection of concrete , metal , concrete , brick , wood, glass , rubber surfaces. Recommended for use as thermal insulation of pipes and ducts to prevent heating , coating the valves and valves, to protect it from the hot and the temperature drops . Processing technological equipment : boilers , heating chambers , boilers , kilns , etc. Apply the paint acts as a " thermal barrier".

Any heated subject radiates infrared rays and all generated heat is lost irrevocably.

Popular modern types of insulation (foam plastic, mineral wool, polyurethane foam, etc.) just detains heat and do not allow contacting to cold, but do not return the heat back.

Insulating coating Lic Ceramic has a pronounced heat reflecting effect, eliminates contact with the cold and returns up to 70% of infrared rays!

The heat reflecting effect of the insulation makes the air, being in its filler, discharged. Discharged air is the second component after vacuum with the lowest coefficient of heat conductivity. It brings to that the infrared wave velocity increases in hundreds thousands times and they, respectively, most effectively (to 70%) are reflected from all surfaces of a filler.

That part of infrared radiation (about 30%), which vector of movement was most perpendicular to filler surfaces, passes through it and leaves irrevocably.

It allows to apply warming paint in rooms without prejudice to walls.

– it can be put with a thin layer (thickness of one technological layer — 0,5 mm);

– does not support combustion, slow the spread of smoke;

– nontoxic, ecological and fireproof;

– lightweight, elastic;

– thermal stability - to + 260 ° C.;

– it can be put on working objects without stopping a production cycle at temperatures from +5 °C to +150 °C;

– reduces heat exchange (no hot spots, no effect of vertical thrust);

– possesses good adhesion to all surfaces;

– reduces/eliminates condensation without risk of formation of a rust;

– does not support combustion, slow the spread of smoke;

– it is easily put on non-standard surfaces;

– high resistance to influence of ultra-violet radiation.

Lic Ceramic is a product ready to application and it is intended for drawing on a surface of any configuration, for the solution of the following tasks:

· Insulation of building walls - internal and external thermal insulation of brick walls of public and industrial buildings;

· thermal insulation of steam pipelines, pipelines of hot water, water-heating equipment of boiler rooms (pipe thermal insulation) - anticorrosive protection;

· reduction of heat loss;

· reduce the expenses for cooling and prevention of an overheat of refrigerators and freezers;

· elimination of formation of condensate;

· effective increase of energy saving;

· anticorrosive protection;

· fight against frost penetration in walls of premises;

· preventing the formation of ice dams and icicles;

· Esthetic appearance of the surface processed by a material.

The comparative characteristic of insulating materials under equal conditions:


Heat conductivity coefficient

Heat emission coefficient

Layer thickness, cm

Plates mineral-cotton sewed




Polyurethane polyfoam elastic




Insulation type «URSA»




«Lic Ceramic»