Lic Ceramic | Жидкая керамическая теплоизоляция | Сферы применения
Fields of Application

The color palette of thermal isolation Lic Ceramic

Lic Ceramic – is a liquid ceramic thermal insulation, the coating of white, gray or other color, which after drying forms a flexible thermo-, hydro-and noise-proof coating.

This material provides thermo-insulating, anticorrosive, water-repellent and other protection of concrete, metal, ferroconcrete, brick, wooden, glass, rubber surfaces.

It is recommended to use as thermal insulation of pipes and air ducts for prevention of heating, to apply on shutoff valves and latches to protect them from the hot and temperature decreasing.

Used for the treatment of processing equipment: boilers, heating chambers, boilers, kilns, etc.

It is put as paint and works as a "thermal barrier".


Fields of Application of Liquid Ceramic Thermal Insulation Lic Ceramic


Lic Ceramic – Standard

• The objects requiring thermal insulation;

• Thermal insulation of residential and production buildings, both the inner and the outer side;

• Thermal insulation of floors;

• Thermal insulation of bodies of cars, locomotives, etc.;

• Protection of technological equipment from high temperatures;

• Objects subject to corrosion;

• Objects on which condensation is possible;

• Objects remote for usual thermal insulation;

• Production and operation of energy-saving equipment;

• Refrigeration, air conditioning;

• Heat exchangers;

• Oil, gas, water, steam, and other pipelines;

• Corrosion protection of various types of energy and electrical equipment;

• Capital and maintenance repair of chimneys, air ducts of conditioning, the enterprises of the oil, gas, power, metallurgy industry, etc.;

• Insulation of metal roofs;

• Insulation of metal constructions;

• Thermal insulation of hangars and garages;

• Engine rooms of ships;

• Decks and internal part of the case of vessels;

• Thermal insulation of elevators;

• Thermal insulation of poultry farms;

• Thermal insulation of electrical equipment, such as infrared heaters.


Lic Ceramic – ХС Thermo

• Chemically-resistant, heat insulating protection of equipment, wood, metal and concrete structures and buildings, periodically or continuously exposed to aggressive chemicals;

• Chemically-resistant, heat insulating protection of external surfaces of tanks for processing, storage and transportation of petroleum, petroleum products, solvents, acids, alkalis, salt solutions;

• The outer surfaces of oil and gas pipelines;

• Sea platforms, chemical plants and galvanic departments;

• Sewage treatment plants, drain and sewerage systems;

• Systems of ventilation, water treatment and heatwater supply.

Fields of application of hyperfine insulation Lic Ceramic is constantly extends.