Lic Ceramic | Жидкая керамическая теплоизоляция | Экономия затрат
Cost saving

1. Reducing of operating costs during the heating season, by of heat loss with the help of insulating of constructions and interior of buildings.

2. Decreasing of operational costs on air conditioning in rooms, by isolation of a roof and building walls.

3. Reduction in direct costs during the construction of buildings and structures due to the possibility of reducing the thickness of walls, foundations dimension when applying insulation as a "heat shield".

4. Possibility of replacement of bulky systems of warming of facades, walls of buildings and constructions.

5. Reduce the labor costs and construction time by using insulating material.

6. Reduce the cost of repair of old insulation by eliminating the need to dismantle it.

7. High warranty period of operation of a material.

8. Decrease in labor costs and time when using Lic Ceramic due to ease and simplicity of work with a material.

9. Reduce the cost of repairs after the warranty period due to the lack of having to remove the old insulation.

10. Reduce the cost of saving heat energy in the pipelines, boilers, etc. due to the high thermal insulation characteristics of complete isolation of pipes, boilers, etc., even in the most remote places.

11. Possibility of applying directly on a hot surface, without stopping current heating network or steam boiler.

12. Decrease in expenses on thermal insulation installation due to reducing of the technological operations connected with warming of pipelines, etc. on using of Lic Ceramic as thermal isolation.

13. Competitive price of the material in comparison with commonly used insulations.

Annual economy of fuel on building heating


Heat savings using insulation

Annual fuel savings on heating of a building

standard fuel


fuel oil

100 sq.m. of a wall

118232 W/year

14.52 tons

15.18 tons

10.98 tons

6000 sq.m. of a wall

7093920 W/year

871 tons

911 tons

659 tons

Calculations are executed for thermal insulation of an external protecting design of 9 floor five sectioned residential building.