Compensation for insulation costs
Compensation for insulation costs


Цветовая палитра теплоизоляции Lic CeramicMaterial Lic Ceramic - is a liquid ceramic insulation , which is coated in white, gray or other any color , which after drying forms a flexible thermo- , hydro-and noise-proof coating and provides heat insulation , corrosion , hydrophobic ( water repellency ) and other protection of concrete , metal , concrete , brick , wood, glass , rubber surfaces. Recommended for use as thermal insulation of pipes and ducts to prevent heating , coating the valves and valves, to protect it from the hot and the temperature drops . Processing technological equipment : boilers , heating chambers , boilers , kilns , etc. Apply the paint acts as a " thermal barrier".

The products of our company are suitable for the category of heat-insulating materials, which are covered by the provision of compensation under the program of energy-efficient equipment and materials. The enterprise is included in the base of domestic producers of Lugansk region for six years.

We offer you to learn more about the program from the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (State Energy Efficiency of Ukraine).

The State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation of Ukraine together with Oschadbank provides compensation and crediting of activities in accordance with the list of energy-efficient equipment and materials that are components (components) of equipment and materials defined by the Procedure for using funds provided for in the state budget for implementing measures for the efficient use of energy resources and energy saving. Approved by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on October 17, 2011. №1056 (as of July 31, 2015).

Oschadbank issues a loan for three years at 25% per annum. The maximum amount of crediting is 50000 UAH. Gosenergoehffetivnost compensates up to 70% if the client (owner of a private house) has subsidies.
30% compensates for energy efficiency if there is no subsidy. And this means that by purchasing our materials for the insulation of a private house, you can compensate for costs in the amount of 30 to 70%.
You can also get a compensation of interest on the loan by contacting the local executive committee.

More detailed information on obtaining compensation for the insulation of a private house with liquid thermal insulation Lic Ceramic can be obtained from specialists of our company by phone: +38 (0645) 70-35-05,70-28-53, (099) 702-28-03.