Lic Ceramic | Жидкая керамическая теплоизоляция | Сравнительная сметная стоимость
Comparative cost


Цветовая палитра теплоизоляции Lic CeramicMaterial Lic Ceramic - is a liquid ceramic insulation , which is coated in white, gray or other any color , which after drying forms a flexible thermo- , hydro-and noise-proof coating and provides heat insulation , corrosion , hydrophobic ( water repellency ) and other protection of concrete , metal , concrete , brick , wood, glass , rubber surfaces. Recommended for use as thermal insulation of pipes and ducts to prevent heating , coating the valves and valves, to protect it from the hot and the temperature drops . Processing technological equipment : boilers , heating chambers , boilers , kilns , etc. Apply the paint acts as a " thermal barrier".

Local estimate for insulation of a polymerization chamber framework is on this link.

We offer you the estimate on the warming of facades with mineral slabs 100 mm thickness and finishing by decorative solution under CEREZIT technology (the walls are smooth), you can download it here.

To your attention the estimate on the warming of facades with expanded polystyrene slabs with 100 mm of thickness and finishing by decorative solution (the walls are smooth), here is the link.

By the end, it is offered to your attention the local estimate on the thermal insulation of facades (painting of facades), specifically using "Lic Ceramic", you can download it here.


After reviewing all three estimates, you are convinced of higher savings with using the material "Lic Ceramic", as a thermal insulating coating.