About Us
About Us

LIC Ceramic

* Years of experience innovative production
* Successful testing laboratories in Ukraine and Europe
* Thousands of positive reviews yet


We produce and offer a unique product - a new generation of thermal insulation materials "LIC Ceramic".

We are proud of its product lineup, which for six years of intense competition in the market insulation proved its innovation, durability and performance!

The future of our company - is a new country and new facilities that will allow builders to implement the most complex and unique technical solutions, and the everyday life of people make a pleasant and safe.

We see our mission in the gradual replacement of obsolete our knowledge-based thermal insulation materials and efficient production corresponding to the highest world standards.

Materials "LIC Ceramic" help to make our lives greener, cleaner and safer. We create you comfort, provide healthy environment to your living space, save your money and time.

Our principle - not just sell, but to help in solving the problem.

And thousands of professionals among our customers appreciate us for it.

For us, every customer - a partner with whom you can conduct a professional and confidential dialogue.

We produce and offer only what themselves 100% sure.

"LIC Ceramic" - proven quality!