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The mission of the company "VESK" - to make life on the planet technological safety, environmentally cleaner, reduce the influence of the "greenhouse effect" on the flora and fauna, to reduce energy consumption: gas, oil, coal, electricity, solar and wind energy, as a consequence of human activity, associated with the production of material goods.

Liquid ceramic thermal insulation Lic Ceramic

Eastern Energy Saving Company offers you a unique product developed on the latest technologies of insulation – liquid ceramic thermal insulation coating «Lic Ceramic». This unique energy saving product possesses high water-, thermo - and noise-insulating properties. This liquid “heater”, according to the State Construction Norms of Ukraine, recommend using in Housing Stock to prepare the buildings and constructions for a heating season Also Lic Ceramic (LC) use on intra house heating systems. Thermal insulation coating Lic Ceramic (LC) allows to reduce a consumption of gas, solid fuel or the electric power by 30-40%. After all, when using on walls of buildings the liquid ceramic thermal insulation of our production the economy of heat in recalculation will make 118232 W/year on each 100 sq.m. At application of liquid ceramic thermal insulation on pipes or steam lines (carrier +85 temperature C) - the economy will be 8017 KW/year on each square meter.

Our products

Lic Ceramic - Standart
Lic Ceramic - Стандарт

Price - 8,5 €/liter
Lic Ceramic - Ultra
Lic Ceramic - Ультра

Price - 12 €/liter
Lic Ceramic - Termo
Lic Ceramic - Термо

Price - 12 €/liter
Lic Ceramic - AT 650
Lic Ceramic - AT 650

Price - 14 €/liter
Lic Ceramic - Anticor
Lic Ceramic - Anticor

Price - 14 €/liter


The quality and technical characteristics of liquid insulation LC significantly higher than foreign and domestic analogs. About it, many heads of the largest enterprises and the companies of Ukraine who at present safely apply our materials can testify. They managed to lower expenses on energy resources by tens and hundreds thousand dollars.

Researches showed that in a residential block of flats through uninsulated wall loses up to 40% of heat, through the windows - about 18%, the basement of the building loses 10%, slate roof - 18%, vents - 14%. But today for heat savings the main way there will be an essential increase of thermal efficiency of a cover of a construction, including its walls.

Lic Ceramic found a very wide application for the complete isolation of various steam lines, pipelines, facades industrial and residential buildings, as well as covering containers of any material dryers, and the like.

The main and most important difference between the liquid insulation «Lic Ceramic» from the traditional present thermal insulation materials - is that a thin coat layer is used, which is several times less than traditional coverings and thus keeps necessary properties.

Insulation material "Lic Ceramic" has excellent reflective properties. The reflection coefficient is determined by the blackness level. For "Lic Ceramic" it is equal to 0.095 at temperature range from 40°C to 70°C. For example, the reflection coefficient for white enamel at 20°C - 0.9, for the brilliant galvanized iron at a temperature of 30°C - 0.23. Studies concerned this subject were conducted by the Thermophysics Engineering Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. We can conclude that the thermal insulation coating "Lic Ceramic" is indispensable for use on surfaces exposed to sunlight (the roofs of the south side of buildings, floating platforms, ships, rolling-stock, fuel storages, storages of explosive materials, storage tank of liquid hydrocarbons, etc.). Manmade objects are protected from explosions, fires by the thermal insulation "Lic Ceramic".

Eastern Energy Saving Company offers you the following types of the products:

Lic Ceramic – Standard

Lic Ceramic – Standard it is recommended to apply only in a warm season. Application temperature has to be from +5 to +50 °C. Range of working temperature from-50 to +260 °C.

Lic Ceramic – Ultra

Absolutely new heat-insulating material. It has significant differences from the standard version. Except white color, the heat conductivity indicator strongly improved, and makes 0,0012. Specific weight of thermal insulation decreased and makes only 0,45 - 0,55 instead of 0,8. This has a direct impact on reducing the expense of a material when applying it on a surface. When the material is in a liquid state, it does not require constant agitation, because the microspheres are uniformly distributed (spread) in the polymer composition.

Lic Ceramic – Thermo

This kind of material is recommended for work on the application during the cold season. It is intended for use only on metal surfaces. Application temperature of this type of liquid insulation from -20 to +50 ° C. And working temperature is from-50 to + 400 °C.

Lic Ceramic – Thermo ХС

It is recommended to be used as a thermoinsulating coating, which should provide enhanced chemical-resistant surface protection against the following influences:

- aggressive gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur etc.);
- solutions of salts;
- alkalis;
- acids (hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric).

Lic Ceramic - AT 650

Technologically corrosion and heat resistant cover Lic Ceramic AT 650. Main purpose - is the creation of a protective anti-corrosion paint for any metal equipment that is operated under conditions of high humidity or temperature. That is for oil pipelines, gas pipelines and steam lines with hot steam, and also furnaces for saunas, baths and chimneys. This corrosion-resistant coating is used for drawing on exhaust systems of cars, details of the engine and other metal surfaces which are exposed at installation and operation to influence of a wide range of temperatures from-60 to +650 °C and various aggressive factors. Such as concentrated solutions of salts, petroleum and mineral oils. A heat-resistant paint can be applied even in an electrostatic field and at temperatures below zero. Corrosion-resistant paint can be used for painting the brick, concrete, reinforced concrete and asbestos surfaces of any type in order to make the protective properties of very high temperatures, humidity, precipitation, corrosive environment, but maintaining good water vapor permeability. Recommended for use as a fire-prevention finishing of ceilings and walls on ways to evacuate people in the following areas: stairwells, elevator lobbies, lobbies, common corridors, lobbies and hallways of buildings, with the exception only of high buildings. More Lic Ceramic AT 650 apply as a heat-resistant covering to the furnace.




Insulation plastering mix (insulating plasters) of our producing company has a number of significant advantages:

- environmentally safe;
- absolutely nonflammable;
- completely hydrophobic;
- frost-resistant.

Thermal insulation plaster «Lic Ceramic» designed for hydro, thermal and acoustic insulation. Allows you to align walling of perlite concrete and cellular concrete blocks, metal, brick and other building materials. Used inside and outside buildings. Coating thickness of 1 to 2 cm.

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